Nortel IP 2000 Phone Series

Nortel  IP 2000 Phone Series
We provide our customers remanufactured telephone equipment from Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, NEC and many others. We offer telephones, circuit cards and can repair your existing equipment and we will purchase excess equipment. All remanufactured equipment comes with a one year warranty unless otherwise specified.

ABT prides itself on outstanding quality products and service we provide to our customers. This commitment to quality is underscored by the fact that the equipment is remanufactured (not just refurbished) and repaired in TL9000 and ISO 9001:2000 certified environment. The TL9000 quality standard is specific to the telecommunications industry and further ensures our customers will receive the very best in quality products and services. All of the remanufactured equipment is tested prior to shipment and the out of box failure rate of these items is actually less than that of many new items which are often only statistically/randomly tested. Contact us for a pricing, to receive a proposal or with any questions.